1. And here is how to get it a little cheaper!!!!

    Actually bitcoin & altcoin is as addictive and fun as stock trading!


    Simply go to GAWMiners site via this link and use a coupon code like WELCOMETOGAW ($10 off $150 purchase)…..

    Here is a run through

    Click on “Activate Now”


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    Fill in personal billing details
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  2. Join the Hashlet revolution in bitcoin mining!

    Prices start from $15.99 for 1MH at GAWMiners

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  3. Terrible World Cup coverage by NHK Japan! #FAIL


    After broadcasting countless hours of the World Cup in Brazil - what do NHK Japan do just before the German team get their medals and lift the Cup?

    They stop the coverage and cut to domestic news!


    Showing the winning team lifting the Cup is the closing of the World Cup - why broadcast the rest if you are not going to show that?

    Terrible, terrible decision by their editors…

    I am not Argentinian or German but appalled!

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  4. Tokyo Omotesando Apple store - slightly disappointed!

    Yesterday I dropped in to the new Apple store in Omotesando.

    I had two reasons.

    Firstly I tried on the opening day last Friday (I’d have liked to have gotten this free T shirt) but the lines were too long so I gave up.


    Secondly this is the state of my Lightning cable.



    It still works but it’s fragile and looks bad.

    Now I am stingy and I don’t want to buy a new cable, especially as this one does still work (just) and it’s only about 2 years old.

    Thinking that I might just be able to get a goodwill replacement I asked one of the young staff (I am a believer in “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”, and “it costs nothing to ask”) and I have read of Apple making discretionary replacements.

    Anyway the young but courteous staffer checked my phone and registration and said unfortunately they couldn’t give me a replacement cable, and I could buy one…

    I KNOW the warranty is just one year and I am NOT ENTITLED to a replacement but it really wouldn’t have hurt Apple. I think the staffer was just somewhat robotically repeating the standard manual procedure.

    Just for reference here is the history of my Apple purchases:

    Bondi blue iMac
    G4 Cube
    12” Powerbook
    White keyboard
    Airport Express 1st Generation
    IPod shuffle 1st generation
    iMac 21 inch aluminum
    iPod Shuffle 3rd generation
    iPod 3rd generation
    Cables to connect iPhone/iPod/iPad to TV
    iPhone 3GS
    iPad 1st generation
    iPhone 4S
    Apple TV
    iPhone 5
    Magic Trackpad

    I have had trouble twice - the iMac was returned after 3 months as the hard drive died (that was under warranty) and this second trouble with the cable.

    I’ve never had a cable go bad before…

    For all the other phones the cable has outlasted the phone!

    For the record I have had better experiences with Sony and Panasonic here in Japan doing “goodwill” outside warranty minor replacements!


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  5. Investing in Vietnam

    The thing about living in Japan is that any economy that is emerging inevitably attracts a lot of Japanese investment and it can be seen at the ground level.

    For example the father of one of my kid’s elementary school friends was relocated to Brazil with his family (lucky timing for the World Cup). He’s in elevator sales (literally).

    Another “hot” country is Vietnam, where there is a huge amount of Japanese investment and also Myanmar.

    This is what analyst investor and Ben Graham disciple Jan Pstrokonski of Smart Japanese Stocks has to say about Vietnam:

    The valuations of many stocks have run up quickly, and if you are managing hundreds of millions then it is getting harder to find any room below the foreign ownership limits. But, there are still some really great valuations there.

    In fact, foreign individual investors visit brokerages quite rarely.

    When I went to set up my account, not only did they treat me like royalty, but a journalist was there to record the story!

    And I appeared on two Vietnamese finance websites.

    Here is a picture of me on a Vietnamese website getting excited about net current asset value:

    Vietnam account set-up 

    Vietnam account set-up 

    This article from Vyctoria Tran’s VNinvestment has good information on "Opening a Vietnam Trading Account" brokerage account for Vietnamese stocks, and links to brokerages and stock articles.


  6. Interesting the way he talks about meeting people doing deals and developing trust and a reputation.

    Kind of sounds like old-style stock trading, open outcry, person to person etc. Somewhat ironic considering Bitcoin is digital!

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  7. An excellent WWDC keynote!

    Apple really nailed it - lots for developers and users alike…

    A lot of new features and designs in iOS 8 and OS X (and my aging 2007 iMac is still supported!).

    Some parts like the health apps were only briefly discussed but I think they couldn’t go into detail without revealing information about forthcoming hardware.

    I am really looking forward to a parade of new products over the coming months!

    Watch the keynote


  8. Start mining!!


  9. WWDC 2014

    This year’s Apple Developer Conference looks very promising - makes me glad I bought Apple options expiring in October!

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  10. Apple & beats

    Like many commentators, the rumors of this acquisition surprise and, perhaps, frighten me. Apple usually seems to acquire small companies for their technology and strategic expertise, but beats seems more a brand acquisition. 

    Of course I know the brand is hugely popular and cool (I guess I am a bit to old for it!), but the products seem overpriced and flashy, or blingy.

    But perhaps that’s the point.

    I also remember reading this rather negative story about Monster inc. and beats:

    Beat by Dre: The Exclusive Inside Story of How Monster Lost the World in Gizmodo

    However there has also been some speculation as to the motives of Apple if indeed they are buying, or have bought beats

    This Bic Camera store in Yokohama seems to think Apple and beats a good match!


  11. Get some bitcoin!!


    Well you could just buy some but how about just get some for free?

    Enter the world of bitcoin faucets.

    Here is one I like and visit often:


    just input your bitcoin wallet address here


    enter a captcha


    and keep a window open for 5 minutes



    (Source: tokyobitcoiner)

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  12. Flash boys by Michael Lewis a good read!

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  13. Free trading from Robinhood

    Robinhood - zero commissions

    But you have to wait in line!


  14. Interesting FinTech visualisation

    Stocktwits should be “Retail Investments” and “Financial Research” too!

    Venture Scanner

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  15. NTT Data (Japan) using Japanese tweets to track stock sentiment

    More details from Nikkei Asian Review

    Still think @stocktwits @howardlindzon should make Japanese version! Maybe with @MonexJP

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